Do you really know about 100% organic konjac powder?

Konjac is the Araceae, It is the general name of Amorphophallus Blume. Konjac likes warm and moist, with the appropriate temperature of 20 ~ 30℃, the optimal temperature of 25℃, and the appropriate relative humidity of 80% ~ 90%. That is, konjac likes a long warm period and not hot, dry place.

Planting history:

As early as 3000 years ago, konjac has been cultivated and used in China. There are abundant konjac resources in hilly areas in southern China, qinling  mountains, sichuan basin, yunnan-guizhou plateau, southern yunnan and Taiwan.

organic konjac plant base

Nutrient content:

Konjac is rich in carbohydrates, low calorie, protein content is higher than potato and sweet potato. And  it is rich in trace elements, vitamin A, vitamin B and so on. Especially rich in glucomannan content, with weight loss, blood pressure, blood sugar, detoxification and laxative, cancer prevention and calcium supplements and other effects.

Distribution range:

Konjac has a long history of cultivation and consumption in China. The suitable planting areas of konjac in China are mainly distributed in the southeast mountains, yunnan-guizhou plateau, sichuan basin and other tropical and subtropical humid monsoon climate regions.

organic konjac root


Modern medicine has a more updated understanding of konjac: first of all, the largest content of konjac glucomannan (GM) has a strong expansion force, which can fill the stomach, to eliminate hunger. And because the amount of heat is very little, it can control body weight to achieve the goal of weight loss and fitness; Secondly, it can reduce fat. Konjac can reduce serum cholesterol and triglyceride, can effectively reduce hypertension and cardiovascular disease; Thirdly, it has the magic of anti-cancer, so konjac is also known as “anti-cancer magic clothes”; Fourth, konjac can increase the secretion of small intestinal enzymes, accelerate the clearance of intestinal wall sediments, so that it as soon as possible out of the body. So konjac can be appetizing food, and can clear intestinal waste, known as the human body “scavenger”; Fifth, konjac also contains pectin, alkaloids, 17 kinds of amino acids and trace elements, which are beneficial to human body. In addition, konjac also contains a natural antibiotic, which can prevent and cure bacteria invasion, extend storage time, and play a role in keeping fresh and preventing bacteria

Main ingredients:

They mainly contain polysaccharides, such as glucomannan and mannan. Organic acids, such as citrate (citric acid), cinnamic acid, cinnamic acid), 21 carbene (heneicosene), etc.Glycoside, such as 3, 4-dihydroxybenzaldehyde glucoside (3, 4-dihydroxybenzaldehyde d-glucoside). In addition, it contains a variety of amino acids and crude proteins.
100% organic konjac Powder
Organic Konjac products:

  1. It is certified by CERES and with EU & NOP organic certificate.
  2. Products type: powder.

Usage: It is used widely for different food fields in EU, UAS, Canada and Australia .

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