Organic Chinese Dates

  • Appearance: Red Date
  • Drying Process: AD
  • Form: Whole & Powder
  • Max. Moisture (%): 20%
  • Specification: 100% Organic
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organic chinese dates

Organic Chinese dates (also named jujube) use high quality organic natural fruit jujube as raw material and then selected, cleaned, and dried. Dried Chinese dates are sweet and warming and when added in a formula, they can prolong, enhance, and harmonize the effects of other herbs. The rich content of Vitamin C in dried jujube is almost seven or eight times higher than the VC content of apple fruits. You can put it into soup, porridge, tea, or just eat directly! In addition, dried dates contain a high medicinal value.

Chinese medicine use dried red dates for purification of the blood, spleen, and liver; digestion; headaches; blood circulation; and so on. We could also supply organic sliced Chinese dates and organic dates powder.


According to historical records, jujube is the traditional famous specialty tree native to China. Fructus ziziphi jujubae is a kind of nutrition, is known as “the fruit of king”. Chinese date contains rich vitamin A, B, C and so on A variety of vitamins necessary for the human body and 18 kinds of amino acids, minerals, including the content of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) was 70 ~ 80 times as high as grapes, apple, rutin (vitamin P) content is high, the two vitamins to prevent cancer and prevention of high blood pressure, high cholesterol has a certain effect.

  • It can help with good sleep and clam.
  • It works as an anti-cancer agent in liver cancer.
  • It has antioxidant benefits, antimicrobial benefits.
  • It is for the treatment of chronic idiopathic constipation: a controlled clinical trial.
  • It can help expand blood vessel, improve nutriture, enhance myocardial contractile force.
  • It is natural skincare and cosmetology tonics.


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