organic barley grass vs wheat grass powder

What is the difference between organic barley grass and wheat grass powder?

It also has a great help to promote weight loss. Thus barley grass and wheat grass powder are very popular in the market for many years by all kinds of people who want to keep fit and be more healthy. We consume it every day, however, do you know what is the major difference between barley grass and wheat grass powder?

100% organic konjac Powder

Do you really know about 100% organic konjac powder?

Konjac is the Araceae, It is the general name of Amorphophallus Blume. Konjac likes warm and moist, with the appropriate temperature of 20 ~ 30℃, the optimal temperature of 25℃, and the appropriate relative humidity of 80% ~ 90%. That is, konjac likes a long warm period and not hot, dry place.

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