Organic Coix Seed

  • Discolor Rate: 0.2% max
  • Moisture: ≤ 13% Max
  • Other Name : Organic Job’s tears
  • Variety: coix lacryma-jobi seed
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organic coix seeds

Organic Coix Seed (Latin Semen Coicis English name Coix Seed) and name YiRen, YiMi, YiRen kindhearted, soil corn, YiMi, about the real, kindhearted beads, grass beads, and rice, rice kernel, six millet. Is the commonly used traditional Chinese medicine.

The seed of Job’s Tear is tear-shaped and comes in yellow, brown-white, and purple some might say black. It is native to Southeast Asia. And though it is sometimes used as ornamental beads, it is often used as a medicine or even as a staple food. It is considered a nutritious health food in many Asian countries. It is worth noting that Job’s Tears are commonly sold as “Chinese Pearl Barley” in the Asian market although it is not closely related to barley.


Organic coix seed is also used alongside other herbs in traditional Chinese medicine. Particularly Coix seed has been used in traditional Chinese medicine to invigorate the spleen function and promote urination, alleviate arthritis, arrest diarrhea, remove heat, and facilitate the drainage of pus. It is often eating food, sexual flavor Gan light slightly cold, favorable water swelling, spleen dewetting, drainage of pus, and other effects, as commonly used water dampness medicine.


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