Organic Konjac Flour

  • Drying Method : Spray Drying & Freeze Drying
  • Flavor : Fresh Konjac Flour Taste
  • Other name : Organic konjac Powder / Gum
  • Specification : 100% Organic Or Conventional
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organic konjac flour

Organic Konjac flour is obtained from the tubers of various species of Amorphophallus. It is a soluble dietary fiber that is similar to pectin in structure and function.

Konjac is a plant that is found in China, Japan, and Indonesia. The plant is part of the genus Amorphophallus. Typically, it thrives in the warmer regions of Asia. The extract of the Konjac root is referred to as Glucomannan. Glucomannan is a fiber-like substance traditionally used in food recipes, but now it is utilized as an alternative means of weight loss.


  • It has an effect on the prevention and treatment of diabetes.
  • It can prevent and reduce the incidence of intestinal system disease.
  • It can reduce the residence time of the harmful substances in the gastrointestinal, gall-Hsiang,   and effectively protect the gastric mucosa, clean the stomach wall.
  • It can inhibit cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood sugar, dilation of blood vessels, to prevent atherosclerosis and another cardiovascular disease.
  • It can control appetite and reduces body weight.


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