Organic Matcha Powder

Appearance : Green Fine Powder
Drying Method : Steamed
Grade : Ceremonial Calassic Cafe Culinary
Mesh Size : 800-2000mesh

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organic green tea

Organic Matcha powder is ground by fresh green tea, which is a form of green tea. Its name is derived from the Chinese words, “cha” (tea) and “ma” (powder), and like all other true teas, comes from the Camellia sinensis plant. Matcha refers to the method in which the leaves are grown and ground.

We use the modern superfine air grinding technology to crush green tea leaves into superfine tea powder under low temperatures.

Raw Materials

Organic green tea is grown in the high mountains, due to the geographical advantage of high altitude, our green tea contains up to 20% tea polyphenols, and tea polyphenols have good anti-oxidation and anti-aging effects.

We use farm management for all tea gardens to guarantee the ecological operations in aspects of weeding, fertilizing and extermination. Select every green shoot, 100% natural, no pesticide residues, no added pigment, to ensure the high quality of raw materials.  For matcha, the best tea bushes are selected and shaded from the sun for 3 weeks before harvest. The best tea bushes are selected and shaded from the sun for 3 weeks before harvest.


Our organic matcha powder has a bright green color, taste very fresh and fragrant. It is the finest powder, has very good water solubility with no additives, no preservatives, and no artificial colors, in addition to direct drinking, also widely used as a kind of nutrition enhancer and natural pigment additive in food, health care products, cosmetics, and many other industries, thus derived a wide variety of Matcha products.

  • Improving learning performance, heightening mental acuity and promoting concentration.
  • Calming nervous agitation.
  • Diminishing symptoms of PMS.
  • Reducing the risk of diabetes.
  • Preventing tumor growth.
  • Controlling high blood pressure.
  • Improving longevity by supporting anti-aging.
  • Boosting the immune system.


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