Walk into the red dates forest, explore the organic red dates

In the past November, it was the red date picking period. BULKSUPERFOOD is located in the organic red date base in Xinjiang. The plump red dates are all over the branches, forming the most beautiful scenery of the season. Our organic red dates grow on this vast land, far away from cities and pollution. They are truly organic, with a natural and mellow taste.

Pick ripe dates

Xinjiang, the northwestern region of China, is rich in light energy resources, with more than 3,000 hours of sunshine throughout the year, abundant light and heat, a large temperature difference between day and night, a frost-free period of more than 200 days throughout the year, and the ancient pollution-free alkaline sandy soil creating organic red dates. A perfect place for growth.

Dry red jujubeBULKSUPERFOOD’s jujube forest has a unique geographical and natural environment, which gives the jujube forest all the nutrients that can be developed. We strictly implement the organic standards of planting and production methods. After many processes, we have made red dates that can be assured by consumers around the world. Choose us, you don’t have to worry about quality and safety.

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