Organic Buckwheat Flour

Appearance: Pale Grey Flour
Mesh Size: 80 Mesh
Origin Of Plant: Fagopyrum Esculentum
Flavor: Original Buckwheat Flavor
Characteristic: Gluten-Free, Non-GMO

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Organic buckwheat flour is processed from buckwheat by screening, shelling, and grinding. The nutritional content of buckwheat is mainly rich in protein; B vitamins; rutin strengthening vascular substances; mineral nutrients; rich plant cellulose and so on.

Soba noodles contain a lot of starch and protein, and the amino acid content in protein is very balanced. Among them, the content of lysine and acid in buckwheat flour is also very large, and the fat content in buckwheat flour is 2% to 3%, which is also particularly beneficial to people’s health. Therefore, it is good to eat some soba at a certain time in the usual diet. After all, the soba has many functions and functions.

These two fatty acids play a role in lowering the body’s blood lipids, and they are also an important component of prostaglandins, which is an important hormone. The vitamin D1.B2 in buckwheat flour is 3-20 times that of wheat flour, which is rare in ordinary grains. The biggest nutritional feature of buckwheat flour is that they are rare in ordinary foods, that is, it contains a lot of niacin and rutin. Both of these substances have the effect of lowering blood lipids and serum cholesterol, have important preventive and therapeutic effects on hypertension and heart disease, and are good drugs for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Buckwheat flour also contains more minerals, especially phosphorus, iron, and magnesium, which are very important for maintaining the normal physiological functions of the human cardiovascular system and hematopoietic system. The energy per 100 grams is approximately 1,411 kilojoules.

Our organic buckwheat grows in Inner Mongolia, the soil acidity is pH 6 ~ 7, the soil layer is loose, which is beneficial to seedling growth and root development. Our organic buckwheat flour has passed the EU and NOP organic certification is 100% organic and gluten-free.


Ingredients Buckwheat
Origin China
Appearance A pale grey flour. Natural buckwheat flavor, free from rancid, musty & sour flavor.
Moisture(%) 15% max
Purity(%) 99.9% min
STORAGE Stored in cool and dry conditions, under room temperature, without direct exposure to sunlight. Temperature controlled warehouse recommended.
SHELF LIFE 12 months.
NON-GMO All the products we supply are non-GMO.
Lead (mg/kg) <0.2ppm
Chromium (mg/kg) <0.1ppm
Total Plate Count (cfu/g) <10000
Yeats & Mould (cfu/g) <3000
Coliforms (cfu/g) <1000
E. Coli (cfu/g) <10
Bacillus cereus (cfu/g) <10
Samonella (/25g) Negative
Aflatoxin B1 (ug/kg) <2ppb
Aflatoxin B1+B2 +G1+G2 (ug/kg) <4ppb
Ochratoxin (ug/kg) <5ppb
PACKAGING 25kg multi-layered paper bag or 1000kg tote bag
PROCESSING Color sorted, metal detected, free from stones, metal, glass and other harmful matters, sound merchantable quality,  fit for human consumption as per  CIQ’S regulations.


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